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Understanding Supported Independent Living in the NDIS

The goal of the NDIS is to support people living with disabilities to achieve their goals in life, and this may include assisting with living independently. If a participant’s goal is to live independently, this is where Supported Independent Living (SIL) comes into play.

Want to know more about how Supported Independent Living works? Read on for more information from the team at Bright Plan Management.

Understanding Supported Independent Living in the NDIS
Understanding Supported Independent Living in the NDIS

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living in the NDIS refers to “help or supervision with daily tasks to help you live as independently as possible, while building your skills.” There are three levels of SIL funding:

  • Lower Needs: regular supervision of daily activities and living arrangements

  • Standard Needs: 24-hour active assistance with most daily tasks

  • Higher Needs: continual and more complex active assistance

What does Supported Independent Living cover?

Supported Independent Living covers an array of supports, including personal care needs, participating in household activities and managing household tasks such as cleaning and preparing meals.

These supports should help participants live independently.

What does Supported Independent Living not cover?

It’s important to note that Supported Independent Living does not cover rent/board/lodging or any other regular living expenses such as food or utilities. It is designed to help participants live independently, rather than cover living expenses.

How do you get Supported Independent Living in an NDIS plan?

If Supported Independent Living is something that may help you achieve your life goals, an OT will perform an assessment to figure out whether you’re eligible and the level of support you’ll require. You’ll then work with your support coordinator who’ll assist with connecting you to the most suitable SIL provider and housing option.

If you would like more information on Supported Independent Living, or assistance managing your NDIS plan, one of our excellent plan managers can help! Get in touch with the Bright Plan Management Team today!



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