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What is NDIS Plan Management?

We’ve been talking a lot on the Bright Plan Management blog about all things NDIS, so we thought we’d come back to basics and recap what we do: NDIS plan management!

Plan management is when a provider supports you in helping to manage your NDIS funding.

Why choose plan management?

Managing your own NDIS plan can be very fulfilling and can help you hone new skills, but it can also be super time consuming!

Focusing on managing your plan can take valuable time away from working towards the goals in your plan.

That’s where plan management comes in! By engaging the services of a plan manager, you can focus on what really matters to you.

Plan managers can also increase your choice of providers and help you understand your NDIS funding.

Who pays for plan management?

When planning your NDIS plan, let the NDIS team know that you are thinking of using a plan manager to help support you.

They will include funding in your plan for your plan manager!

Why choose Bright Plan Management?

Because we care! We care about you, your goals and aspirations, so we love working with our clients and helping make their NDIS journey as smooth as possible.

We guarantee that we’ll process your invoices in 1-2 business days, so both you and your providers can rest easy knowing the money side of things is taken care of!

We also provide reports on your funding to help you budget your NDIS funding across the year!

We love working with our clients and alleviating the stress of managing their NDIS plan. Want to know more about how we can help you? Reach out to the Bright Plan Management team today to learn more!



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