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What is NDIS Plan Management?


NDIS is a revolutionary support program introduced by the Australian government to help support people with permanent and significant disability. NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, helps people with disabilities live a higher quality of life by offering them financial support. Four major forms of support from the NDIS include:

• Assistance in gaining meaningful employment

• Support to achieve more autonomy in daily activities

• Helping integrate into their community

• Improving overall well being

The Australian government legislated NDIS in 2013 and is under the administration of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). By funding reasonable and necessary supports, the NDIS aims to help people living with disabilities achieve their goals and aspirations with confidence and security.

NDIS Plan Management
What is NDIS Plan Management

Financial Management for NDIS Benefits

For those seeking assistance with managing their additional service providers and claim submissions to the NDIS, you can access a plan management service. This serves as a financial intermediary that helps recipients of NDIS utilise their benefits to their fullest extent. In total, there are four basic options to manage your NDIS funding:

1. Agency managed: this option sees NDIA hold the funds and will directly pay providers through the NDIS portal.

2. Self Managed: Under self-managed, NDIS participant will receive invoices directly, and each will be responsible for remittance of payment. The participant may opt to pay the invoice in advance before claiming reimbursement later through the NDIS portal or still claim the NDIA’s invoice amount on the portal and make payments after receiving the funding.

3. Plan managed: With this plan, the beneficiary opts to trust a financial intermediary (such as Bright Plan Management) that will act as the bookkeeper and accountant. This intermediary will then manage the whole plan and providers will be invoicing the plan manager.

4. Personalised Plan: A combination of the above options is also possible, depending on your own personal needs, situation, and preferences.

Bright Plan Management is one of the most trusted and reliable NDIS plan managers in Australia, accessible in every state. As a designated plan manager, Bright Plan Management works to take away the stress associated with managing an NDIS plan, whether it be managing and processing invoice payments, submitting NDIS claims, maintaining your paperwork, or finding you NDIS-approved quality support services.

Bright Plan Management stands out as a plan manager due to its personalised approach, including the allocation of a dedicated plan manager who works to understand individual circumstances to help the nominee through their NDIS journey. They understand what it means to promptly be paying service providers and, consequently, will process submitted invoices within two business days. As a reputable entity, Bright Plan Management has thrived thanks to its transparency. They have checks and controls that help them stay in track with the NDIS guidelines. Other notable benefits include:

Flexibility: Beneficiaries get to choose their most preferred authorisation arrangement. This significantly saves them time regarding approving invoices.

Choice and Control: Beneficiaries have the independence to choose a provider of their choice, including non-registered provider.

Quality Service Connections: Bright Plan Management helps you connect with high quality, NDIS service providers. This not only helps serve your needs best but also improves efficiency on payment.

Having taken the responsibility of paying service providers and submitting participant claims through the NDIS portal, Bright Plan Management offers three basic payment options: participants may email authorised invoices to the plan manager, they can mail their signed invoices to the plan manager’s mailing address or set up a standing authorisation for their chosen service providers. To help track participants’ spending, Bright Plan Management sends them monthly activity statements and have alert system to notify if the NDIS plans are running low or about to expire.

Applying and Accessing the NDIS

To access and benefit from NDIS, applicants must be deemed eligible in accordance to a set of guidelines. This includes:

• Having a permanent or significant disability that hinders quality of life

• Being younger than 65 years old

• Being an Australian citizen or permanent Australian resident

• Living in a region that has already adopted the NDIS

• Meeting the phasing requirements for that specific area at the time of rollout

Having met these requirements, those interested in benefiting from the NDIS may go ahead and apply. The application process is relatively straightforward as long as you have all the required documentation. You simply need to complete the NDIS Access checklist and request an access form by calling the NDIA at 1800 800 110. Applicants should also research the type of evidence they'll need to support their claims through the NDIS website.

When needed, loved ones of an eligible participant are expected to help applicants by completing a mental health carer checklist, and supporting them as they prepare for the planning meeting.

As an NDIS participant, it can be difficult to manage your funds while dealing with multiple service providers. With Bright Plan Management, you have a trusted partner to assist you in all managing of your NDIS benefits. Reach out to us today and tells us about your needs, worries, preferences, and expectations about your NDIS plan.

As an NDIS-approved plan management provider, we are here to help you attain more independence and freedom when it comes to your finances and service providers. We provide solutions that take away the stress related to submitting NDIS claims so that you can enjoy its benefits rather than worrying about its management. With respect, autonomy, and control assured to all clients, Bright Plan Management is the plan manager that works and adapts for you and your needs.

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