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Unraveling NDIS Transport Funding

We understand just how confusing it can be to navigate the NDIS plan structure. Perhaps you’ve made it through the maze of supports budgets but are now thinking about your transport options? The NDIS does offer transport funding targeted at specific needs. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s available!

If your disability causes you ‘substantial difficulty’ on public transport, then you may be eligible for transport support. The supports are allowed only where the NDIS considers them to be ‘reasonable and necessary.’ And they must be directly related to your impairment. 

You should also note that they don’t support family or carer transport costs for most everyday needs. You’ll have to take that taxi subsidy instead.

NDIS Plan Management Transport Funding
NDIS Transport Funding

What the NDIS funds:

  1. Training and support in the use of public transport

  2. Driver training and assessment

  3. Vehicle modifications

  4. Part of the cost of a taxi and other transport options

What the NDIS doesn’t fund:

  1. Accessible public transport options

  2. Public transport concessions

  3. Accessible transport infrastructure

  4. Community transport services

  5. School transport provided by State Governments

  6. Family or carer transport for everyday needs

The NDIS offers three levels of support for your transport budget. Your level will depend on your current circumstances and needs. They take into account whether you are working or studying, taking part in day programs or just needing more general community access. 

The three transport support levels are:

Level 1:

  1. Need enhanced community access 

  2. Not currently working or studying

  3. Up to $1,606 per year 

Level 2:

  1. Working or studying part-time (maximum 15 hrs/week)

  2. Participating in day programs 

  3. Other social, recreational or leisure activities

  4. Up to $2,472 per year 

Level 3:

  1. Working, looking for work, or studying (minimum 15 hrs/week)

  2. Unable to use public transport due to your disability

  3. Up to $3,456 per year 

If your general NDIS plan includes support to enable your participation in employment, you may be eligible for even more funding. If so, you can request support for ‘exceptional circumstances,’ on a case by case basis.

Working these transport funding options into your main budget plan can be difficult. Making sure they comply with the NDIS bureaucracy even more so. Bright Plan Management is here to help you navigate through this traffic maze. Contact us today for an obligation-free appointment at your home or one of our offices. Our dedicated plan managers will help you to plan the best use of your NDIS transport support options. 



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