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Top tips for providers when invoicing the NDIS

Here at Bright NDIS Plan Management, we process NDIS provider’s invoices everyday. Most of the time it is smooth sailing, and you receive your payments in a timely manner. However, there are some common mistakes that pop up which make it harder to process NDIS providers’ invoices.

We want to ensure that this part of your NDIS experience is as smooth as possible so you can focus on providing support to your clients instead of chasing up invoices! We’ve compiled some of the common mistakes made when invoicing clients and handy hints to avoid them.

No matter whether you're sending the invoice to a NDIS participant or their Plan Manager, keeping the invoice clear, concise and correct is key to successful invoicing.

Top tips for providers when invoicing the NDIS
Top tips for providers when invoicing the NDIS

Unclear or confusing subject line

If you’re not including key info in the subject line of your email, you risk your invoice getting lost in a busy inbox. This can result in a delay to the processing time for your payment.

We recommend (and even prefer!) the simple template of: Full name, Invoice Number.

This makes your email easily searchable and identifiable. If your subject lines are long and confusing, try the above format - you might just see your invoice processing time improve.

Incomplete or missing information

Your invoice can’t be processed if it’s missing key information. If a NDIS participant or plan manager has to request for additional information, you can guarantee that the invoice won’t be processed as promptly as expected.

We recommend compiling a checklist that includes the following information to ensure that each and every invoice you sent is packed full of all the relevant info.

  • Participants NDIS number

  • Participant’s contact details

  • Your business name and ABN

  • Your contact information

  • Invoice number and invoice date

  • Total invoice amount

  • Dates of service delivery

  • Quantity of service/s provided

  • Unit price of service/s provided

  • Description of support and/or Support item number

  • Sequential numbering of Invoices issued

  • GST component if applicable (most services are GST free

Include all the above info for hassle free invoicing!

Not sending in the correct format

Are you sending your invoice as a link or in the body text of an email? This can really slow the processing time down.

Send your invoice as a .pdf or .doc file to ensure your invoice is easily downloadable and viewable.

Also check that your invoice is clear and easy to read - low resolution files can slow down the process.

Nailing key features of your NDIS invoice will ensure that your NDIS clients or plan managers have a hassle free time processing your invoice, and that you’re paid promptly! It’s a win-win situation.

Want to learn more about how best to format and send your invoices? We’re available to chat all things NDIS - get in touch today!



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