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The role of Occupational Therapists in the NDIS

So, you’ve got questions about occupational therapists and the NDIS?

Well, we’ve got the answers! The Bright Plan Management team have answered the most common questions on this topic below.

First things first, what is an Occupational Therapist?

An Occupational Therapist (or OT) is a university-educated professional who focuses on the health and wellbeing of their clients by supporting their participation in everyday activities. These activities may include daily self care, volunteering or employment, or enjoying leisure and social activities.

Occupational therapists help their clients identify and implement strategies that make participation in these activities easier. They may suggest modifications to activities or environments in order to achieve this.

The role of Occupational Therapists in the NDIS
The role of Occupational Therapists in the NDIS

What services do Occupational Therapists provide under the NDIS?

Occupational therapists provide a wide range of services under the NDIS, including:

  • Vehicle or home modification suggestions

  • Assistive technology such as aids and equipment

  • Assessment of personal support needs

  • Orientation and mobility training

  • Play-based physical therapy for children

What is an OT Functional Assessment?

An OT Functional Assessment is designed to assess your level of functioning and identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This assessment is used to make sure you are receiving the right amount of support and funding in your NDIS plan, and suggest ways to help you reach your NDIS goals.

The assessment will involve the OT looking at things like your management of daily tasks, home & community management skills, and recreational & social skills, and identify areas that challenge you through discussion with you.

Once the OT has finalised their assessment, they will share it with the NDIA at your Plan Review Meeting.

Got more questions? The friendly Bright Plan Management team is here to help! Reach out to us today.



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