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The importance of carer support

Family and carers play a huge role in the ultimate success of the NDIS. They provide help and support that may have to otherwise be completed by formal services or support workers, which would need to be funded by the NDIS.

Due to this, the NDIA acknowledges how valuable the work of carers are within the scheme. Caring for someone is fulfilling, but it can also be challenging and non-stop. In order to maintain the health and wellbeing of carers, the NDIS assists carers in accessing support for themselves.

Read on for more information about the importance of carer.

The importance of carer support

What does support for carers look like?

Support for carers can come in a number of different forms.

The Carer Gateway is a Government resource that hosts programs, outlines financial support opportunities and educational packs. Government-funded programs are available to support carers.

Support can also take the form of respite, which participants may choose to fund within their NDIS plan. Respite could look like joining a community group, short stays outside of the home, engaging extra paid support for a short period of time or to participate in the community.

Why is it important for carers to have support?

It’s important for carers to have access to extra support to help them provide quality care.

Having access to the Carer Gateway provides carers with extra resources and educational information if they ever feel like they require a second or expert opinion. They can also access a network of other carers so they do not feel alone in their journey.

Extra support in the form of respite is especially important as it allows carers to take time to prioritise their own health and wellbeing. By taking breaks from providing care, carers are able to stay energised and continue providing a high level of care.

How to access support for carers

The Carer Gateway is a great way to access a wide range of supports and resources.

NDIS participants may also be able to use their funding to give their carers respite. The NDIA takes into account what is reasonable to expect from informal networks and families when funding respite.

We recommend chatting to your Local Area Coordinator or Planner to determine what supports are available to you.

Want to know more about what supports are available to carers? The Bright Plan Management team is here to help you on your NDIS journey.



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