Telehealth and the NDIS

While telehealth has been available for many years, the pandemic has made telehealth a preferred and sometimes only option for many NDIS participants and providers.

This rise in telehealth and telehealth technology has been welcomed as it creates a lot more accessibility for NDIS participants.

With telehealth becoming a permanent element of Australian primary care, we’re answering the most frequently asked questions about it below.

NDIS and Telehealth

What is telehealth?

Telehealth refers to the delivery of health care, education and information via remote technologies. These technologies include telephones, apps, and video conferencing.

Participants can receive medical advice or supports via these technologies instead of having to attend an appointment in person.

Does telehealth replace traditional options?

A recent survey of 2391 NDIS participants revealed that while telehealth does not completely replace traditional in-person health options, it is an additional resource. During times when face-to-face care is not viable (for example, during lockdowns), telehealth allows participants to maintain their access to their supports.

One third of the survey respondents stated that they would choose telehealth options after the pandemic. This would equate to approximately 130 000 NDIS participants.

What’s so great about telehealth?

Telehealth means greater accessibility. Whether you’re impacted by distance or the pandemic, telehealth means you can still access your supports.

During the pandemic, telehealth appointments have allowed NDIS participants to safely stay connected and receive their supports.

After the pandemic, they can be used to complement traditional face-to-face care plans!

Is telehealth covered under the NDIS?

Yes! Telehealth can be used where appropriate and with the agreement of the participant to reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Are you using telehealth within your NDIS plan? We’d love to hear about it and chat about how the Bright plan management team can help you manage your plan!