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Smart Devices, COVID-19 and the NDIS

The world runs on technology, especially now more than ever. For the wider community, technology is a key component in maintaining a social life while practising crucial social distancing. For NDIS participants, assistive technology also ensures that they receive continued support and assistance.

In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, the NDIS has temporarily expanded the flexible approach to purchasing low-cost Assistive Technology items. The team at Bright Plan Management are here to explain what this means for participants experiencing difficulty accessed their supports due to the health crisis.

Smart Device, COVID-19 and the NDIS
Smart Device, COVID-19 and the NDIS

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology refers to equipment or systems that promote independence and allow NDIS participants to achieve their full potential at home, in their workplace or in their community.

Low-cost assistive technologies can include smart devices and fitness equipment.

Who can use their funding to purchase Smart Devices?

Under the new expansion, all NDIS participants who can prove an assistive technology is reasonable and necessary in achieving their NDIS goals can use up to $1500 from their existing budget to purchase low-cost assistive technologies.

Participants wanting to use their funding need to meet certain requirements and consult with their existing providers.

What conditions need to be met?

The NDIS has outlined the below conditions that need to be met before assistive technology can be purchased through NDIS funding:

  • The assistive technology will help maintain NDIS supports such as a program, therapy or requirement

  • The participant’s support provider has provided written confirmation that the device is essential to continuing services during the pandemic

  • The device or technology must be the lowest form that will maintain funded supports

  • The participant does not already have the item or access to another suitable item

  • The device or technology is not excluded from funding and has not been funded by another service system

Thinking that purchasing a smart device or another form of assistive technology will improve your access to your supports during this time? Or needing help navigating all the changes to your NDIS plan during COVID-19? Reach out to the team today to discuss how Bright Plan Management can help!



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