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NDIS mistakes and how to avoid them

The NDIS is designed to be as intuitive and help you create a plan to support your individual needs, but there are some traps that people often fall into.

The team at Bright Plan Management want you to have a smooth NDIS journey, so we’ve listed some common mistakes that are often made with the NDIS so you can do your best to avoid them!

NDIS mistakes and how to avoid them
NDIS mistakes and how to avoid them

Wasting your NDIS funding

Too many people don’t use their entire funding. The funding is there to support you, so use it! Any leftover funding is returned to the NDIA when your plan renews and your funding resets, so use your NDIS funding to its full potential instead of wasting it.

Thinking you’re locked into a service agreement

A big NDIS myth is that you are locked into a year-long agreement with a service provider and that you can only change providers when your plan is reviewed. This is false! If a service provider isn’t meeting your needs or you’d prefer a different provider, you are completing within your rights to terminate the contract. Check with your provider about notice periods, but most service providers only require two weeks notice to terminate your agreement.

Agreeing with all NDIS decisions

The NDIS is all about putting the participant in the driving seat, so if you believe the NDIS has made the wrong decision when it comes to your plan, speak up! If you believe that a reasonable and necessary support has been denied, outline the ways in which it relates to your disability and will help you achieve your goals, then request a review with the NDIS.

Thinking that your supports automatically renew

Unfortunately, supports do not automatically roll over when you have your yearly plan review. Each time you get a new NDIS plan, you must reach out to your service providers and draw up a new agreement, even if you’ve been with them for decades.

Want help avoiding these common mistakes? The Bright Plan Management team are here to help. Contact us today!



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