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NDIS Budgets: What are core support and how do I use them?

Are you confused about the different support budgets under the NDIS? Don’t worry, the Bright Plan Management team have answered questions about core supports below!

There are three main types of budgets under the NDIS - Core Supports, Capacity Building Supports and Capital Supports.

Read on for information about Core Support and how you can use them!

NDIS Budgets

What are Core Supports?

Core Supports help you with everyday activities and your disability related needs. It is the most flexible of the fundings, which means you have a lot of freedom with how you spend your Core Support funding.

We always recommend checking in with your Local Area Coordinator when it comes to your budgets, as there may be some restrictions that apply depending on individual circumstances.

What can I use my Core Support budget for?

You should use your core support budgets in whatever way best supports you reaching your NDIS goals.

Broadly speaking, core supports can be spent across four categories - Assistance with Daily Life, Consumables, Assistance with Social & Community Participation, and Transport.

Within these categories, the budget must be used to assist you reach your NDIS goals and gain more independence. For example, you may use part of your funding to employ a support worker to help you participate in community events, or you may invest the money in low-cost assistive technologies that allow you greater independence.

You could also potentially use this funding for respite care, or even therapy if you have run out of the allocated funding for this.

What else should I know?

Your core support budget is flexible! This means that you have full control over how you spend this budget.

So if you decide you’d benefited more from a group activity than a one-on-one support, you are at total liberty to make this adjustment in how you spend your funding.

It means that you can perfectly tailor these supports to suit you!

Would you like to find more about Core Support budgets and how you can use them? Reach out to the Bright Plan Management team today - we’re here to help!



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