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NDIS Assistive Technology - Replacing AT

The NDIA may help you replace your assistive technology (AT) without submitting a detailed assessment only in certain situations. Your AT may need to be replaced when:

- Your AT has been damaged (not by misuse or negligence)

- Your AT no longer works and can’t be repaired

- Your AT is near the end of its service life

- Your AT is no longer the right size

- The item’s surface is worn and could be dangerous to use

NDIS Plan Management Assistive Technology
NDIS Assistive Technology

Supporting documents

You may be asked to provide supporting documents when requesting AT replacement. You’ll be expected to provide at least one document from these areas when meeting with your planner.

Examples of such documents are:

- Evidence of AT support use

- Information confirming you were previously supplied AT

- Specifications of your AT (good for identifying age and service history of technology)

- Tax invoice

- Purchase order

- Letter of confirmation about a specific order

- Documentation from a state or territory provider

- Repair history report

- Purchase receipt

- Document stating there is no change in a patient’s functional capacity

If you have received an assessment within the last two years, it will be used to clarify your current and future functionality in relation to the AT replacement you are requesting. A qualified practitioner can also provide such a report. This could be your GP or another doctor who can verify your specific situation and needs.

A document indicating the cost of replacing the AT can also be submitted. If, however, the replacement cost is higher than $15,000, you will be required to provide further details.

In this case, an AT assessment may be necessary. This assessment will be performed by a qualified assessor who can determine whether the AT replacement you are requesting includes the solutions that will best meet your needs.

If you are replacing AT that is below the $15,000 threshold, you may not need to provide evidence of such an assessment. If the replacement AT is new, more complex or significant changes have occurred in how you are able to communicate your needs, a new assessment may be requested.

Approval process

If the AT you are requesting is considered by the NDIA to be a replacement, you’ll receive funding from your NDIS planner who will add it to your plan. Once this plan is approved, you can then replace your AT.

Contact Bright Plan Management

Do you have questions about your AT replacement request? Contact Bright Plan Management today. Let them help you navigate through the NDIS so you can better manage your plan and budget.



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