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NDIS Assistive Technology - Choosing AT

As an NDIS participant, you may have the option of choosing your assistive technology (AT) provider. This allows you to take part in managing the funded supports in your plan.

Your NDIS funds can generally be used to:

- Buy the AT outright

- Gain access to AT through a loan, rental or other arrangements

- Acquire reissued or refurbished AT

The NDIS offers numerous resources for finding the right AT provider. This is an important decision that should encompass your plan and supports, so be sure you fully understand them before beginning the search.

NDIS Assistive Technology
NDIS Assistive Technology

Understanding AT levels of complexity

AT, like other technologies, can range from very simple to quite complex. Because of this, you may need help figuring out the best AT solutions for your needs. The NDIS breaks it down into four levels.

Simple AT

Simple AT is low-risk. These products and services are easy to purchase and require little to no assistance to set up and use. One example is a non-slip bathmat.

Standard AT

Standard AT can be bought off-the-shelf so you can test it before making the final decision. You might, however, need some help in setting it up. A Bath seat is a good example of this type of AT.

Specialised AT

These solutions are like standard AT, but require modifications. For example, an electronic desktop magnifier may be required for reading documents but would be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Complex AT

Complex AT is custom-made or configured especially for you. A myoelectric prosthetic, for example, would fall into this category.

Other concerns

Risks associated with your disability or the environment where the AT will be used may add complexities when selecting and setting up AT. Check with your planner for more information on how these issues should be addressed.

Discuss with your NDIS planner whether you need to provide an AT assessment when requesting technology. Certain AT may be outlined in your plan and can determine which providers you are authorised to use.

If AT is included in your plan, you’ll have at least $500 Capacity Building Improved Daily Living – Budget. This allows you to seek AT advice from an independent advisor.

Bright Plan Management is your NDIS plan manager who can assist you in choosing the right AT. Contact them for help successfully navigating through NDIS and let them take the stress out of managing your budget and plan.



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