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NDIS Assistive Technology - AT Explained

Assistive technology (AT) provides a person with a disability the support needed to reach their potential at home, at work and in the community at large. AT can include equipment that assists you to move around, communicate with others, process information and complete various other daily tasks.

Reasonable, necessary supports may be included in your NDIS plan if they meet your needs and help reach your goals. However, NDIS will not purchase items that are more appropriately acquired by another agency or body, such as the health sector.

NDIS Plan Management
NDIS Assistive Technology

Identifying your AT needs

AT ranges from very simple to complex. You may need assistance figuring out which solutions are right for you.

The process for accessing the AT that you need will depend on several factors, including:

- Your specific AT needs

- Their complexity

- How your AT budget is managed

The NDIS will help you determine the complexity of your AT needs.

AT assessments

An AT assessment is conducted by an assessor in your community who is specialised in identifying the most appropriate technology for your situation. This person may be a health practitioner, rehabilitation engineer, nurse, AT specialist or other qualified professional.

An AT item may increase in complexity depending on risks associated with your disability or the environment where you use the technology. Your AT assessor will be selected based on the type of AT you need and the complexity of your needs.

If your AT requests are complex or fall into the category of home modification, you may be required to submit a report from an AT assessor. This report will justify the technology you feel should be included in your NDIS plan.

You can search for AT assessors using the Myplace Participant Portal. Other provider registers  are available to you, a family member or caregiver. Using the Internet can help you identify Australian advisory services.

Additional resources

If you have any questions about AT and how to find the solutions that best fit your needs, consult Bright Plan Management. We can help you through the complexities of navigating NDIS, answering questions as you go.

As your plan manager, we take the stress out of managing your NDIS budget and plan. This leaves you free to make well-informed decisions that will lead to true independence. Contact Bright Plan Management today for assistance with all NDIS related issues and to begin your search for the right AT.



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