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Making the NDIS Process Clearer

Have you heard the great news? The NDIA is committed to making the NDIS journey clearer and simpler for NDIS participants.

In April of this year, NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman said, “We’ve heard from participants that the NDIS can be complex and unclear so we are committed to making the Scheme simpler and easier to use, ensuring that people can more easily access the supports they need.”

It’s exciting to see the NDIA respond to the feedback of participants and work towards a future that promotes a more open and clear path for participants.

NDIS Process - Bright Plan Management
Making NDIS Process Clearer

We’ve summarised the main takeaways from the new operational guidelines below:

Plan Utilisation

The focus of the new operational guidelines is “plan utilisation”. By focusing on improving the usability of NDIS plans, the NDIA hopes to increase the percentage of NDIS participants using their funding fully.

As of December 2020, only 67% of participants are using their NDIS plan to its full extent.

This means that there are a lot of participants who could be getting more out of the scheme than they currently are. By making NDIS plans easier to understand and use, the NDIA hopes to improve these numbers.

Clarification while creating your plan

The NDIA plans on improving communication around creating your plan, making it more clear about what you can expect while planning, what happens during your planning meetings and the best way to prepare for these meetings

Greater understanding of the Reasonable and Necessary definition

Improving the awareness around this measure and how the NDIA makes decisions regarding your plan will help create greater understanding of what supports are available to you

More communication around your plan and the NDIS process

To help you navigate how and when you can use your plan, the NDIA are committed to providing greater outline and direction when it comes to the logistical side of using your plan.

There are more than 50 improvements outlined in the Service Improvement Plan - you can read more about it here. Essentially, these improvements seek to get rid of the confusing jargon within the planning process and make what is deemed reasonable and necessary much more clear for participants.

These guidelines aren’t changes to the planning process, but ways to improve the current process.

Would you like more support on deciphering the NDIS process? The Bright Plan Management team is here to help. Reach out today to speak to one of our plan managers!



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