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How to tell if plan management is working for you

So, you’ve taken a leap on your NDIS journey and engaged the services of a plan manager - congratulations! Managing the admin and invoicing side of your NDIS plan can be time consuming, so having someone on board to manage this for you can give you added time to pursue your NDIS goals.

If you’re wondering whether you made the right decision, don’t stress. It’s completely normal to question your decisions, in fact it’s a huge part of decision-making. Reassessing and evaluating your decisions is key to ensuring they remain current and applicable as your life changes.

We’ve deep-dived into the tell-tale signs that plan management is working for you to help you evaluate your decision.

How to tell if NDIS Plan management is working for you
How to tell if Plan management is working for you

Invoices are paid on time

The number one job of a plan manager is to take responsibility for your NDIS invoices. Consider whether you’ve had any issues with your providers being paid on time? If it’s all been smooth, you can safely assume that plan management is working well for you.

You feel like you’re in the loop

Are you receiving reports and updates on your funding throughout the year? Plan managers will keep an eye on your funding and let you know of any over or underpayments. You’ll be kept updated on important information and financial milestones, meaning you can confidently understand how your NDIS funding is being spent.

You’re comfortable asking questions and raising concerns

NDIS plan management is working for you if you’re comfortable discussing issues or asking questions with your plan management. This is a working relationship and it’s your right to understand your NDIS plan. A good relationship with your plan manager is a sign that you’ve made the right choice!

You’re learning more about your plan

Good plan managers have a wealth of NDIS knowledge and will be more than happy to share this with you! If you feel like you’re learning more about your plan or your plan manager could easily help you understand an aspect you’re confused about, then plan management was likely the right choice for you.

Want help figuring out if Plan Management was the right choice for you? Here at Bright NDIS Plan Management, we’re more than happy to help. Reach out for a chat today!



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