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How to get invoices processed in 1-2 days

Invoicing and processing invoices go hand-in-hand with managing an NDIS plan. While some people find managing these invoices a great way to develop their skills, the admin side of the NDIS can be a lot of work, especially when you are dealing with your NDIS funding.

Here at Bright Plan Management, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time for invoices. We guarantee that we process your authorised invoices within 2 business days.

NDIS Invoice in 1-2 days

Below we outline the quick and easy process we use to keep things moving along smoothly:

When your service providers issue you an invoice, you have two options:

1. Email your authorised invoice to us and we’ll process the invoice within two business days


2. Mail your signed invoice/s to us and we’ll process the invoice within 2 business days of receiving it

To simplify it even more, we can set up standing authorisations for the service providers of your choice.

What is a standing authorisation?

A standing authorisation means that invoices will be automatically approved and processed.

When a standing authorisation is established, it means that you won’t have to pass the invoices onto us - they’ll be sent to us directly.

This means you won’t have to move a finger to make sure your invoices are processed quickly and on-time.

Joining Bright Plan Management

If you’re looking into engaging the services of a plan manager, we’d love to chat. Along with processing your invoices, we’ll send periodic activity statements to help you track and manage your funding.

You’ll be paired with a dedicated plan manager who’ll understand you and your needs, and help you connect with quality service providers.

Sound good? Reach out today to learn more.



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