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How to find the right support services for you

Finding the right service providers to suit your needs and goals can be overwhelming. Often it feels like wading through an ocean of options.

The team at Bright Plan Management are passionate about taking the guesswork out of the process. We’ve put together a list of questions to consider when choosing the right support services for you.

As always, we’re just a phone call away if you’d like to chat about how we can help you manage your NDIS plan.

Ask for advice

The first step in finding the right support services for you is to learn what providers are available in your area. Ask you Local Area Coordinator or Plan Manager for their recommendations and reviews of local providers. The plan managers at Bright Plan Management have extensive knowledge of the network of service providers and can help you narrow down the list of potential support services.

Does the provider meet your needs?

Now that you’ve got a list of local service providers who could potentially suit you, it’s time to consider other essential factors before making your choice. It’s crucial that the providers you engage are able to meet your needs and help you work towards your goals.

Discussing your goals with the provider and asking them how they would assist in you reaching them is a great way to gauge if the support offered by the provider will meet your needs.

Will you have choice and control?

The NDIS is all about giving you the reins when it comes to your support services and care. You want to make sure that any provider you engage with will respect your right to have choice and control over your plan and goals.

Checking in with other NDIS participants who work with the provider will give you a good insight into the choice and control they have. Asking the provider how they allow you to keep your autonomy and right to choose is also a good way to determine if you’re choice and control is respected by the service provider.

How experienced are the staff?

When choosing a provider you want to makes sure that your support services are in capable hands. Understanding the experience level of their staff is essential.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the credentials, training and work history of the service provider’s employees. Transparency surrounding this is important to build trust and help you decide whether to engage the services of the provider.

What are the communication channels?

When choosing between providers, consider their communication channels. Do they offer multiple channels for you to contact them? Are they open to having a chat with you to help you out with any queries you have? You want to make sure that the provider understands the importance of clear and consistent communication.

You also want to make sure that the service provider is open to feedback and complaints. By engaging the services of a provider who is open to both positive and negative feedback, you can be sure that they are open to hearing your opinions and enacting change if needed.

Need help finding support services to suit you?

We get how daunting it can be to find the right support services to suit your needs, especially if you are a new participant in the NDIS. At Bright Plan Management, we take the stress out of the search by helping you find local providers. Get in touch today for a chat!



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