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How do I find a support worker?

Looking for a support worker can be a daunting process. As support workers play such a significant role in your daily life, it’s very important that you feel comfortable and have a good relationship with your support worker.

When you first start looking for a support worker, it can be hard to know where to start, so we’ve compiled some easy ways to get started on your search for a support worker.

NDIS Support Workers
How do I find a support worker?

Reach out through your network

Reach out to you Local Area Coordinator or your Plan Manager and ask for their help. They will be able to connect you with local agencies that specialise in support workers. Their recommendations can help reassure you that you’re contacting and working with a reputable support worker.

Use online platforms

If you are looking to bypass an agency and deal directly with an independent support worker, there are a number of online job boards designed specifically for this.

Using these online platforms allows you to have complete control over choosing the support worker you work with.

They also have handy features such as portals for your support coordinators, ability to filter by hourly rate, and are available to people who are self-managed and plan managed.

A few of these platforms include Mable, Care Seekers and LikeFamily.

Know what you are looking for

Whether you find a support worker through an agency or an online platform, it's important to have a clear idea of what you will require from your support worker.

You may value someone who is adventurous and happy to go on outings, or someone who is creative and keen to do afternoon crafting sessions. Above all, you want someone who understands and respects you.

Remember, if your personalities don’t match or you aren’t comfortable with your support worker, you are well within your rights to seek another support worker more suited to you and your needs.

Have a question about support workers or the NDIS as a whole? We’re here to help, reach out today!



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