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Here’s how to ace travelling with a disability

Travelling is at the top of most people’s bucket list and why wouldn’t it be? Travelling provides adventure, excitement and a hands-on way to learn about different countries and cultures.

While international travel is currently off the cards, you can still prepare for your dream holiday. Preparation is key when it comes down to travelling with a disability

NDIS - Travelling with a disability
How to Ace Travelling with a disability

In short, no. As the NDIS is there to bridge the gap between your disability and independence, it won’t pay for things like plane tickets, hotel rooms or sightseeing. It may fund various reasonable and necessary supports you need while travelling if they are already in your NDIS plan. We recommend checking in with your Support Coordinator or LAC.

It’s important to let the NDIA know in advance if you’re planning on heading overseas.

Steps to successful travel:

  1. Research

Jump online and start researching the place where you want to go. Whether it’s somewhere local, a tropical getaway or a chic European city, it’s important you get a good understanding of the location. You want to make sure that it’s accessible and has plenty of activities that interest you. Jumping onto review sites and forums is a great way to figure out if a country or city will be a good place to travel too.

2. Explain what you need and ask questions

Once you’ve settled on a destination, it’s time to start looking at accommodation, booking travel and building “to-see” list that excites you. At this point, it’s a good idea to contact places you’re considering visiting to ensure they will be accessible and able to provide for your disability. Be clear with how you may be limited and what you will need. Ask questions like do you have a handrail in the bathroom? Is this location wheelchair accessible?

Being clear with what you need will ensure you won’t run into any sticky situations while travelling.

3. Get Insured

Unfortunately, accidents do happen while travelling, so it’s important to make sure you’re covered if that scenario occurs. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a foreign country with a hefty medical bill. Talking about ruining the holiday!

Makes sure you have comprehensive travel insurance and a plan of action just in case something goes wrong.

Travelling is such a great way to see the world and experience new cultures. With a little preparation, you can ace travelling with a disability. So the only question left is - where to next?

Want help managing your NDIS plan while you’re away? We’re here to help. Get in touch with the team today!



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