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Explaining the difference between registered and non-registered providers

Confused about the difference between registered and non-registered providers? Wondering whether you can use a non-registered provider?

The Bright Plan Management team have got the answers to these questions and more! Read on to discover more about registered and non-registered providers.

Registered and non Registered NDIS provider

So, what is the difference?

The main difference between registered and non-registered providers is that registered providers have the ability to claim their invoices directly through the NDIS (so you don’t have to handle any admin!).

Non-registered providers cannot claim directly through the NDIS, instead they must invoice you directly. It’s then up to you to claim the funds manually from the NDIS.

The NDIS asks all providers to register, but it is not a requirement.

Why don’t some providers register?

Some providers, especially smaller providers, choose not to register due to the time, effort and money required to do so.

So, are non-registered providers legitimate?

Yes, non-registered providers are still legitimate providers and their services can be fully funded by the NDIS. They’re just unable to invoice the NDIS directly.

Why would I use a non-registered provider over a registered provider?

There are many reasons you may wish to use a non-registered provider.

You may live in an area that has a limited number of registered providers to choose from. Or, your favourite service provider is not registered with the NDIS. In cases like these, you may choose to use an non-registered provider as they best suit your needs.

What’s the easiest way to use non-registered providers?

Plan management! There is a lot more admin to deal with when using non-registered providers, as they cannot invoice the NDIA directly. Instead they pass their invoices onto you, and you are then required to pay the invoice.

Engaging the services of a plan manager takes the hassle out of this process, as they will handle all invoicing and payments for you!

Looking to make the switch to plan management soon? Get in touch today - we can help make the switch easy!



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