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Early NDIS Plan Review - when and how to request one

NDIS plan reviews are a common and continual milestone on your NDIS plan journey. They are designed to review your NDIS plan regularly to ensure that your plan consistently meets your needs and takes into consideration any changes in circumstance.

Plan reviews involve discussing and assessing your plan with the NDIA, and possibly making changes. They occur every 12 or 24 months, depending on your plan, and are scheduled at the end of your plan cycle.

But what happens if your circumstances change before your plan review is due?

We’d answered the most frequently asked questions around early plan reviews to make sure you are fully equipped to make this decision.

NDIS Plan Review
Early NDIS Plan Review

When should I request an early plan review?

You should request an early plan review if your circumstances change and your plan no longer meets your needs as well as it should, or you believe that your plan cannot properly fund the support you require.

For example, your housing situation may change, requiring you to need extra in-home support, or you may believe that a support you require does not fit in your NDIS plan’s budget. Alternatively, your disability needs may have changed and you require more or less funding to support this.

How do I request a review?

To request a review, use the “NDIS Reviewable Decision Form”.

There are a few ways to submit the request - choose whoever one best suits you!

  • Visit a NDIS office to speak to a team member

  • Call on 1800 800 110

  • Email the request form to

  • Or mail the request to Chief Executive Officer National Disability Insurance Agency, GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601.

What should I prepare before my early NDIS plan review?

If your request for an early review is approved, preparation for your meeting is key. Outlining how your circumstances have change

We have a handy guide on how to prepare for a plan review with confidence. Read it here.

If you believe your plan is no longer supporting you as well as it should be, requesting an early plan review is completely within your power. Please reach out to the Bright Plan Management team if you have any questions about the NDIS - we’re here to help!



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