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Developing life skills with the NDIS: Employment

For most people, holding down a job is just a normal part of life. For NDIS participants, having a job can mean so much more. Employment offers people with disabilities independence, a chance to expand their skills and challenge themselves, as well as a strong sense of fulfilment.

While the employment landscape is often fraught with barriers and hurdles to overcome, the journey to gaining and maintaining employment is well worth it.

We’ve outlined some key positive aspects of working, plus how to work towards employment and the ways that the NDIS can help you out through Supported Employment.

The pros of employment

According to the Harvard Business Review, people who are employed evaluate their happiness levels and quality of life higher than those who are not employed. Working allows people to use and develop their skills and build connections with other people.

Having a job also provides a sense of purpose and is a great way to build a healthy routine. And the best part about working? The paycheque! Earning a wage provides independence that just can’t be rivalled.

The road to employment

Finding a job that suits not only your skills but also your abilities can sometimes be tricky. We suggest looking at your interests and your skills and then seeing if there are any jobs that could match. There is lots to evaluate when it comes to employment, so it’s okay to take it slow.

Remember! A job doesn’t have to be something you are completely passionate about, but you should have at least some element that you enjoy.

It’s also important to consider how many hours you can feasibility work. You don’t want to take on too many hours and burnout in a matter of weeks.

If you have never worked before, try volunteering to build up your skillset and get an all-important work reference.

Having a little bit of work experience behind you and the willingness to give your all to a job well set you up well on the road to employment.

How the NDIS can help

If you’re having difficulty finding a job that suits your abilities, Support Employment is here to help! Supported Employment is funded by the NDIS and involves roles that have been designed with people who have a disability in mind.

Supported Employment helps participants do their job, learn new skills and make work goals.

To get a job with supported employment, check that Supported Employment is included in your NDIS plan and reach out to a provider that offers Supported Employment positions.

Want to spend more time working and less time managing your NDIS plan? Here at Bright Plan Management, we’ll happily help you do that! Reach out to chat today.



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