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Are people over the age of 65 eligible for the NDIS?

One of the NDIS eligibility requirements is age and we see a lot of questions around this when it comes to understanding the NDIS. In this blog, the Bright Plan Management team outlines the answers to these frequently asked questions.

You cannot apply for the NDIS if you are over the age of 65. You will have access to support through the aged care system.

I have an NDIS plan but I’m about to turn 65 - what’s next?

If you already have an NDIS plan and are about to turn 65 you have two options. The first is to remain with the NDIS. Once you turn 65, your supports will not change. You don’t need to worry about changing providers or your funding being impacted.

Alternatively, you can choose to access your supports through the Commonwealth Aged Care System.

Are people over the age of 65 eligible for the NDIS?
Are people over the age of 65 eligible for the NDIS?

What is the Commonwealth Aged Care System?

The Commonwealth Aged Care system offers support to people aged 65 and over who can no longer live independently. Care and support is provided in people’s homes, in the community and in aged care facilities by a range of providers. The Aged Care system is primarily funded by the Australian Government.

What’s the difference between the NDIS and the Commonwealth Aged Care System?

The NDIS focuses on providing supports and services that align with the goals outlined in youe NDIS plan, whereas the Aged Care system involves a government-funded services designed to help you live as independently as possible, without the setting of a plan or goals.

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