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Why are NDIS Service Agreements important?

Understanding what NDIS Service Agreements are and the important role they play within your NDIS plan is key to successfully navigating the NDIS, especially if you’re establishing your first NDIS plan.

The team at Bright Plan Management have pooled our knowledge to break down NDIS Service Agreements so you can make sure you’re utilising them to their full potential.

NDIS Service Agreements
Why are NDIS Service Agreements important?

In essence, a service agreement is a document agreed upon between you and your provider outlining each of your responsibilities. A service agreement can include information about the service provided, the cost and frequency of the service, how long the service will be provided, where the service will be provided and the provider’s cancellation policy, amongst other things. It can also include your responsibilities such as paying your invoices within a certain time frame.

Here at Bright Plan Management, we recommend you establish a separate service agreement with each of your providers, as different supports may require different information.

Why are service agreements important?

Service agreements are important for a number of reasons. They ensure that you are receiving the right support as stipulated in your NDIS plan and they allow you and the provider to agree on the support you require and the frequency of them.

Having everything in writing is also important for future reference, especially if you are looking to change or end an agreement.

What do I do if service agreements aren’t met?

The good thing about service agreements is that they should include information about who to contact if the service agreement isn’t being met, and the steps to take.

You’re entitled to the services and level of support outlined in your service agreements, so don’t hesitate to address any issues as they arise.

Need help establishing service level agreements with your providers? A plan manager can help! Get in touch with one of our friendly plan managers today to chat about how we can make your NDIS journey easier.



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