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Gaining independence with the NDIS

We often hear about how the NDIS is designed to promote independence in adults living with a disability. But what does this actually mean? And how does the NDIS encourage and support independence?

Here are Bright Plan Management, we’ve done a deep dive into everything you need to know about this concept and how to make sure your NDIS plan is designed to help you work towards independence.

Gaining independence with the NDIS
Gaining independence with the NDIS

What does independence mean?

At its most simple definition, independence means having full and complete autonomy over oneself. This essentially means that an individual has the ability and means to make their own choices and live their life according to their own wants and desires.

Under the NDIS, independence refers to participants having as much independence as possible while still receiving the supports and care they require. While the NDIS is designed to provide support to participants, it is structured in a way that allows participants the opportunity to gain a level of independence they may have never been able to have before.

How does the NDIS promote independence?

The NDIS promotes independence by offering choice. NDIS participants are given the choice to set their own goals and engage supports that assist them in working towards these goals. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter disability program. It’s a scheme that is fully customisable and flexible to the individual.

How to ensure you’re gaining independence with the NDIS?

  • Be the one making decisions - the NDIS is designed for the participant to make their own choices. Carers and family members should take a step back to allow the person with the disability to flex their decision-making skills

  • Be clear in meetings - NDIS Planning meetings are there to help you design your NDIS plan to suit your needs and help you gain independence. Go to the meeting prepared and with a vision of what independence looks like for you. You’ll find it’s much easier to create your plan when you know what you’re working towards.

  • Define independence - creating your own understanding of what independence looks like to you will help you achieve it. Maybe it’s making more friends to hang out with, or participating in a day activity without a family member present.

The team at Bright Plan Management would love to discuss what your journey to independence looks like! Reach out today for a chat!



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